Minigolfplatz Hasenheide

Rules of play

Federation International Golf Miniature

1. The ball to be holed in the fewest possible strokes. Each stroke counts as a point. The lowestscorer is the winner.

2. Should the ball not be holed on the first stroke. succeeding strokes to be taken from where the ball stops.

3. Should the ball be unplayable, being too near the edge right in front of an obstacle, it may be moved up to 8-12 inches towards the centre.

5. Should the ball jump the rink:

a) before an obstacle, then the ball is to be played anew from the tec.

b) behind an obstacle, then the ball is to be played from the point it Jeft the cource.

5. Should the ball run back behind the tee point. then it is to be played from the tec.

6. Should the player fail to hole out in 6 stroks his score-card is to be marked 7 for this hole, The game then continous from the next tee.

7. Each hole is to be played in succession as numbered.